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Hair Collections : Le Hair Collection sono le collezioni moda-capelli che i parrucchieri ogni anno lanciano, ad un vasto pubblico per mostrare le loro numerose abilità attraverso stravaganti creazioni di capelli. Dove ammirarle? ormai sono accessibili a tutti, entrando in un qualsiasi salone di un parrucchiere o semplicemnte anche andando su internet. Le Hair Collection sono create sia per donna che per uomo, per chi ha capelli lunghi e per chi li porta corti, con mille tonalità di colore o per chi rimane sul classico. Oggi scegliere la pettinatura più adatta è molto semplice grazie alle Hair Collection, che ci aiutano a prendere spunto per avere sempre capelli impeccabili e alla moda.

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Hair Collections - I parrucchieri curano la salute dei capelli nei saloni di bellezza ed estetica,con acconciature di stile per foto moda-capelli e vendita di prodotti per la cura dei capelli.

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26 Jun 17

salon look

Organised by Salón Look, the objective of these awards is to highlight the professionals, companies and organisations in the hairdressing and beauty sectors whose creativity and efforts are promoting an improvement in training and business management as well as in promotion, information and social action. The winners will be selected from the finalists in each of the five categories. Theselection in the Best Professional Career in the beauty category includes: Claudia Di Paolo, Lovely Lashes and Lewis Amarante; and in hairdressing: Eduardo Sánchez, Luis Miguel Vecina and Sile Peluqueros; in Best Charitable Initiative: Córtate Madrid, Mensajeros de la Paz-Pelobus, and Wella; in Best Business Project in the beauty category: Idili Lizcano fromAlqvimia, Comercial Cosmética Valladolid and Novasonix and in the hairdressing category: Narcís Oriol Quintana, Laboratorios Valquer and Rizo's; in Best Salon Concept in the aesthetic category: Haute Custom Beauty, Júcaro and The Organic Spa, and in the hairdressing category: Cool Day, La Barbería de Gracia and La Maison;in Best Communication: Belleza Activa, Flash Moda and Pink Secret Garden; in Best Training Project in the beauty category: Consuelo Silveira, ESEI and Nutec, and in the hairdressing category: Academias C&C, Cebado and Rizo's. In addition, an Honorary Award is also given ateach eventto a professional of recognised standing in each of the sectors: Beauty and Hairdressing.

A total of 30 professionals, companies and organisations have been selected by the jury for the 5th Salón Look Awards, organised by Salón Look Madrid, the leading event in the field of beauty in the Spanish-speaking market, which is organised by IFEMA.  The winners of these awards will be announced next September at an event that will bring together the best beauty and hairdressing professionals in Spain, which on this occasion will be more relevant than ever, if this is possible, as it is celebrating its fifth anniversary. As a new feature at this event, and in order to achieve greater coverage amongst all the professionals and companies working in this sector, a new category has been created dedicated to training, aimed at rewarding the best projects in each of the sectors of hairdressing and beauty.

The selection of the finalists for these Vth Look Awards was made by a jury composed of Charo Izquierdo, director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid; Cristina Galmiche, beautician; Ana Parrilla, Clara Buedo, Itziar Salcedo, Isabel Juncosa and Javier Guerrero, journalists specialising in beauty; María Eugenia León, director of Belleza en Vena; Teresa de la Cierva, director of beauty at ABC and La Polvera; Magdalena Pérez, director of communications at Carmen Navarro; Cristina Huerta García, interior architect; Felícitas Ordás, hairdresser and president of Club Fígaro; Marián Vila, director of beauty at Divinity magazine; Oscar Mateo, market research and training Manager at Stanpa, the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics and Susana Salvadó, from Salón Look magazine.

Salón Look 2017, which marks the 20th anniversary since its creation, will be held from 3 to 5 November - from Friday to Sunday at the request of the sector. It will see a significant growth in firms and content, which has led it to include a new exhibition hall in addition to the previously used halls, to give a total of 5 exhibition halls at the IFEMA Feria de Madrid Exhibition Centre. This allows the exhibition to be organised in a more professional and focussed way. Over 400 direct exhibitors are expected to participate along with representation from more than 1,300 brands.

26 Jun 17


BEAUTY BAZAR FASHION è lo short magazine dedicato alla moda-capelli di tendenza e STILE ITALIANO si è aggiudicato la copertina di questo numero!

Il Salone STILE ITALIANO a Busto Arsizio, Varese, è sempre attento alle ultime tendenze in materia di hair style e propone trattamenti all’avanguardia con prodotti naturali, tagli e acconciature alla moda e studiati su misura per esaltare la bellezza della persona a 360 gradi.

26 Jun 17

Pushing the boundaries of contrast. Both in male and female form , Like those of commercial versus avantgardistic. Color and cut techniques that are diametrically opposed to each other but reinforce each other and challenge.

Hair: Judith Knijn @ prosolohairartist – UK
Collection: Unlimited contrast
Ph: Ivo de Kok
Make-up: Angelique Stapelbroek @ Ellis Faas
Styling: Ed Noijons @prosolohairartist


26 Jun 17

Hemos querido realizar unas imágenes de una mujer con fuerza, actual y a la vez con ese punto sensual, dándole en el estilismo un toque militar y convirtiendo estas fotos puramente en moda. Colección creada para potenciar la parte comercial del recogido en nuestro salón, en el que enfocamos los semi-recogidos como algo muy interesante a la hora de introducirlos en esa clientela joven que viene pidiendo algo especial. Ese aspecto comercial lo vemos reflejado también en la colocación de extensiones? Otro aspecto muy importante a la hora de realzar nuestro trabajo.

Hair: Luciana Sabariz @ Sabariz Hairtists – España
Collection: Half Up
Ph: David Arnal
Make-up: Alex Alva
Stylist : Eunnis Mesa
Hair Assistants: Alex Blanco & Rosa Aso
Hair Extensions: Elegance Hair Extensions


23 Jun 17

Hair: Rainbow Room International, Uddingston Art Team – UK
Collection: Futuristic Streets
Ph: Martin Baker Photography
Make-up: Lyndsay Low


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